Meditation with Purpose

There’s No Place Like Home

Everybody remembers Dorothy’s famous click of her heels, as she repeats “there is no place like home”. It reminds us of a sense of belonging, the sweet tear in her eye as she longs to be home. That is the feeling I got after a few classes at CDM. I was so excited to find a world where people were talking to the real me, the spirit, and teaching me how to create a life with value and meaning. I found a connection to the spiritual world, my home, my Kansas.

I spent 12 years at CDM cooking, cleaning,Holly Gibson- March 2014 reading, teaching, and I was blessed with the opportunity to work as Mary Ellen Flora’s assistant. We traveled on book tours and I saw the depth of her spiritual abilities, the power of love and her commitment to her calling (more on that in my next letter to you). It was a wonderful time in my life that gave me courage and hope to create what I wanted. So I got busy creating.

God helped me in creating the big ticket items. There was a new job teaching, a husband, a daughter, and a new home.  I had everything I prayed for……then came the tornado. You see, I was so busy creating I got behind on my destroying. The fear, the hate, the rage, the pain, the darkness I had been doing my best to hide was loose and swirling around me. Oops, I let go of the peddles and got caught up in the tornado, and before I knew it I wasn’t in CDM, my Kansas anymore.


Fortunately, I had a tin man and lion with me, my husband and my new adopted daughter. With their companionship I slowly began to find the courage to face my tornado. I was proud and stubborn so it took a while.  Sometimes the winds would blow them off the road and I didn’t like that.  Eventually I had to choose my buddies or my tornado. I chose my buddies and began to use my meditation techniques to release the tornado within. It took some time and joy returned but life was not as rich as it had been.

We continued to travel but I missed CDM. Whenever I thought of going back I would just think of what about the storm, what if it comes back. I wanted it so bad, but I was afraid. I even tried to recreate CDM but it was in my image and it just about ruined my health and my marriage. I became mean, tired and broke. This eventually gave me the good sense to put on the ruby slippers and to starting clicking.

It worked, I was welcomed home at CDM and encouraged to begin again using my techniques to heal and help create a safe space for others to learn this spiritual way. I was hired in June and am getting use to living with truth and meaning again.

For any of you out there who have enjoyed being here, whether it was for a short or long time, I would like to invite you to return. Visit us for Sunday Meditations, a reading or try one of the new classes we have, like Clairvoyance or Kundalini. Whether this is your spiritual home or your favorite healing retreat come and enjoy the pot of gold here at CDM.

CDM Spiritual Teaching Center is a gift from God and 2014 is

“present time”.


Holly Gibson,
Lead Minister